The spark of inspiration

The significant image of Mary Magdalene, a sign not to be missed and an inspiration already contained in our name MagMari. This origin has shaped our approach to creating new products to this day. We draw on all the strength and values of this Bible scene.

Our team

Our motto

Do what you love and you will never work another day in your life”, a well-known maxim by Confucius, accompanies us in our everyday business relations and duties. Our range of activities is born out of natural predispositions and ultimately creates a professional team you can rely on. The proof is in the fine-tuned cosmetics of the MagMari brand – our window to your needs.

Founder of the company


The owner of the brand, the company’s chief executive. A man surrounded by only women at work, a man with strong nerves and high conversational skills. The boss building the MagMari brand with passion and total dedication from the very idea until today. A tireless personality, able to find solutions even to the most intricate business problems.