Problem? No problem! How to deal with hair loss?

In today’s installment of the Magmari blog – some tips to keep your hair in place.

Learn how to take care of them inside and out.

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Each of us loses no more than 100 hairs every day and this is due to their natural life cycle.

However, if their amount on the brush after each combing increases significantly, it may be a signal that something is going on in our body.


It’s time to take care of your scalp and hair. This will be the 1st step in the fight against hair loss.
Peludo peeling, thanks to grapefruit extract and peanut shell particles, thoroughly cleanses the scalp. Such a massage stimulates hair follicles to grow and counteracts dandruff. The head is better oxygenated and the hair is strong and smooth.

It is best to rinse out any leftover scrub with lukewarm water and then wash the hair with a professional shampoo. Optimum is used, for example, hairdressing establishments as a prelude to further treatments. It does not weigh down the hair and the active, thick lather cleanses and moisturizes the strands along their length.

Apply keratin hair elixir to hair prepared in this way. Its versatile application and rich formula protect, strengthen and resist breakage. Apply it to both wet and dry hair, as it also has heat-protective properties.


Hair loss can be a factor related to pregnancy, health conditions (flu, weakness, stress), excessive styling or simply the weather.
To a large extent, it can also be a signal that we lack vitamins or micronutrients. So it’s worth starting with proper supplementation.

The most appropriate vitamins for healthy and beautiful hair are vitamins A, D, E, K, B6 and b 12. So you should eat a lot of vegetable fats, vegetables and legumes. You can also make yourself a drink from yeast. Dissolve 1/3 cube in 250 ml. of hot, boiled water. Since the specific taste of yeast does not suit everyone, you can add a little milk or honey. After all, drinking yeast for generations has been considered an excellent way to improve the appearance of hair, skin and nails. However, such a treatment should not be used for more than 6 weeks.


Finally, it’s also worth taking a close look at a few mundane items used daily.
This is because we forget that their quality is also crucial in taking care of the condition of our hair and scalp. Brush and comb, their workmanship, material or flexibility play a really huge role in our daily rituals. It is worth noting the bristles (natural or synthetic), flexibility, shape or, in the case of a comb, the spacing and thickness of the teeth. This is because different types are dedicated to different hair types. A well-chosen instrument will significantly reduce plucking, breaking and tugging of hair. Also, the proper use of a hair dryer can have a beneficial effect on the degree of hair loss. It is important to direct the not-too-hot stream according to the direction of hair growth. This is because going to bed with a wet head of hair weakens the roots, causing us to start losing hair.

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