Exclusive hair mask

Revitalising quality of the mask

Accanto is the only mask in the MagMari line as it effectively replaces all types of masks. It closes the hair cuticle, moisturises, gives softness, works on damaged ends. Accanto mask can restore shiny hair even after very invasive bleaching, colouring or perming treatments.

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  • Safe action for the natural hair structure
  • The power of 4 active ingredients
  • Results visible from the first use
  • Regeneration of damaged hair
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What is the phenomenon of the ACCANTO mask?

The purpose of our products is action. That is why we offer just one mask instead of several. One Accanto mask contains so many nutrients that it can easily tackle any hair type and potential problem. We aim to regenerate even highly porous hair!

Before treatment
After treatment
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The attached effects are a one-time application of the Accanto mask

Accanto struktura1

Dense texture

The dense structure of the mask allows each hair strand to be enveloped. This allows the active ingredients to be quickly absorbed into the hair strands. The product does not flow down your hair, which makes it easier to apply.

How to use

Hair salon

Full treatment with Accanto
Step 1


Apply Accanto all over damp hair (we recommend using a comb to evenly distribute the mask to the ends).

Step 2


Gently massage to stimulate blood flow and distribute product close to scalp.

Step 3


20 minutes to half an hour, under a salon towel – we recommend using an air conditioner or sauna.

Step 4


Thoroughly rinse the entire head, with an additional light massage. Shampoo, to cleanse the scalp – we recommend using Royal Shampoo. Rinse the entire head thoroughly.

Step 5


Apply the mask to the ends of the hair. Rub mask into ends for 3 minutes, then leave on for 2 minutes.

Step 6

Washing and styling

Final rinse with plenty of water and proceed to final styling.

Home SPA

Treatment or rapid regeneration with Accanto
Step 1


Dampen hair, thoroughly rinsing out any styling residue

Step 2


Apply the mask to coat the entire head with white product-remember the ends

Step 3


Wrap hair in a towel and wait about 20 minutes for the effects of the treatment, or skip this step for a quick recovery during your daily shampoo.

Step 4


Rinse with a powerful stream of water until no residue is left.

Step 5


Wash hair with shampoo – preferably Royal Keratin Shampoo – and rinse again.

Step 6

Blow dry

Once you’ve dried your hair, you’ll notice an immediate difference in its moisture content and softness! For a lasting improvement, use Accanto every other wash or as a treatment once a week.

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