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Facilitating the colouring process

Just a small amount of Lautus cleanser effectively helps to get rid of stains left on the skin after hair colouring. Thanks to its gentle formula, it can also be used for the skin on the face and neck, where faint stains most often occur during colouring. Additionally, it is an ideal product for hairdressers who are unable to clean their hands after a day’s work.

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  • Gentle on the skin
  • Removes stains from all types of paint
  • Contains high percentage alcohol
  • Easy application
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Pure effectiveness

Thanks to the use of good quality, high alcohol, Lautus liquid removes any colouring stains – even those that seem dried out and untouchable.

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Does such a strong product irritate the skin?

Lautus is a strong product, but the concentration of 60% is the limit, which is maximally effective but does not cause permanent irritation. After removal of stains, especially dark colours, rubbing may cause redness, but it will disappear after washing the place with clean water.

Before treatment
After treatment
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The above photos show the effects of the Lautus product.


Useful pump

MagMari skin cleanser is equipped with a very useful disc pump, which makes it easy to apply the liquid on a cotton swab, tissue or hairdresser’s towel.




Press the pump to apply an appropriate amount of product onto absorbent surfaces
such as a cotton swab, tissue, or hair towel.



Apply the moistened cotton pad to the stain for a few seconds, rubbing lightly over the area. Repeat if needed. Once the stain is gone, feel free to rinse the area with water.

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