Scrub for scalp and hair

Deep cleansing

Peludo Peeling paves the way for the active ingredients directly into the hair roots. It removes dandruff and sebum, oxygenates and moisturises the spaces between the hairs, soothes itching and with each use contributes to an improvement in the condition of the hair. Based on natural ingredients.

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  • The essential first step of any action
  • Results visible from the first use
  • Reaches the very root of the hair
  • Action based on a natural composition
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Natural composition of ingredients:

  • GRAPEFRUIT – vitamin bomb and nourishment from the very roots of the hair
  • ITALIAN NUT – effective and safe scrubbing powder for the scalp
  • MENTHOL – total refreshment and oxygenation of hair from the very roots
Young woman with dirty greasy hair on gray background.

Problems with greasy hair quickly?

Peludo’s scrub removes the sebum build-up, the fixed and sticky residues from even the strongest styling. This is due to the interaction of the natural scrubbing powder particles and the properties that bind sebum and dissolve dirt. Regular use of Peludo normalizes the sebum balance.

Before treatment
After treatment
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The attached effects are the result of one application of Peludo peeling – so how much can its regular use do?


Dandruff complicating your life?

Dandruff is actually a problem that is strongly linked to the condition of the scalp, so the basic step in fighting it is to completely cleanse the inter-hair space to get to the root of the problem rather than working on the dead skin. Peludo Peeling exfoliates and binds dirt while moisturising the scalp, nourishing it with vitamins contained in grapefruit extract and allowing the skin to breathe with a refreshing dose of menthol. This comprehensive action soothes itchiness, removes dandruff build-up and clears the way for the next step of therapeutic supplements.

Before treatment
After treatment
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The attached effects are the result of one application of Peludo peeling – dandruff has no chance!

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Too much hair remains on your brush?

Most hair loss is due to a weakened hair bulb. Cleansing the entrance to the hair follicle opens up direct access to the hair bulb. The active ingredients from the scrub directly reach the root cause, resulting in strengthened and stronger hair growth from the root, so that using a brush will no longer give you the worst nightmares.

How to use

Hair salon

Full treatment with Peludo
Step 1


Application of Peludo scrub on wet hair, between separated strands, directly to the scalp.

Step 2


A gentle massage to stimulate blood flow and distribute product.

Step 3


20 minutes, for the active ingredients in Peludo, under a salon towel.

Step 4


A thorough rinse of the entire head, with an additional light massage.

Step 5

OMO Method

1. Accanto mask 2. Massaging the mask into the scalp 3. 15 minutes under a climate-controlled towel 4. Rinsing the mask with Royal Shampoo 5. Applying a small amount of the mask to the hair strands.

Step 6

Washing and styling

Final rinse with plenty of water and proceed to final styling.

Home SPA

Peludo treatment or quick recovery
Step 1


Apply Peludo Scrub to damp hair, as close to the scalp as possible.

Step 2


Massage the scrub into the scalp with your fingertips.

Step 3


Wrap damp hair in a towel and leave on for 20 minutes.

Step 4


Rinse hair with a powerful stream of water until no more scrub particles are left in the hair.
Let yourself be carried away by the refreshing power of the treatment. The cooling effect is natural.

Step 5


After the treatment, we recommend using a shampoo and conditioner that contain active ingredients. Royal Shampoo and Accanto Mask are ideal choices.

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