Keratin shampoo with collagen

Exclusive shampoo for professional use

Royal is the professional answer to weakened hair which is very difficult to regenerate. With a competitive dose of keratin, Royal Shampoo has the effect of closing the hair cuticle,
thanks to which it gives the strands the expected smoothness. Collagen, on the other hand, reduces defects in the hair structure, strengthens and regenerates it. Such an effective combination of active ingredients has been created thanks to the development of a unique Hydrokollaker formula under MagMari patent.

79.00 PLN

  • High-dose active ingredients - Keratin and Collagen. 50x more keratin
  • A product that regenerates the condition of hair
  • Closes the hair cuticle
  • Collagen replenishes the hair strands

A huge dose of keratin

Keratin is the natural building block of hair. It is lost through heat styling, for example. However, it is possible to replenish these losses with highly absorbable hydrolysed keratin. Royal shampoo has a higher dose of hydrolysed keratin.

Haar-Struktur - strapaziertes und gesundes Haar: 3D-Illustration

How does keratin work and is it the solution for me?

Keratin enters the hair through the hair cuticles which have been opened up by damage. It activates the building processes and closes the hair cuticles behind it, smoothing the surface of the hair and at the same time adding weight to its interior. If your hair is flat, dull, falling out, has visible split ends or does not tolerate the consequences of regular bleaching, keratin therapy is the best solution for these problems.

Before washing
After washing
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The attached photos show the effects of using Royal shampoo

Close up photo of clean healthy man's hair. Young man comb his hair

Active ingredients – so keratin and what else?

First of all, collagen, another ingredient in Royal Shampoo. It is a natural building block of both hair and scalp. It influences elasticity and strengthens hair strands from the very roots. In addition, complicated sounding, but with a salutary effect, polyquanterium7, which gives hair softness, tames frizz and static. Plus the smoothing and anti-static effect of keratin. This trio will even help in times of severe damage. Growing out your hair? This strengthening trio will help you avoid scissors.

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What is so special about the hydrocolloaker formula?

The hydrocollator formula is a response to the need to create bindings and dosages that are not just empty notations on the label, but that actually work. It took a lot of work to create a formulation that not only contains active ingredients, but contains enough of them to visibly improve the condition of your hair. This allows them to be quickly and truly absorbed into the hair. We won’t reveal the details, as the solutions used within the hydrocolloaker formula are MagMari’s secret, but you have our word that you will find them in every Royal shampoo.




Apply the correct amount of Royal Shampoo to damp hair.



Massage Royal Shampoo into hair and scalp until lather forms.
Leave the shampoo on for 2-3 minutes.



Rinse your head thoroughly so that no trace of shampoo or lather is left visible.

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