Sena Santo

Ultra Strong Hairspray

Reliable and strong fixation

Provides a professional effect without artificial build-ups and complicated application forms. Appreciated by hairdressers for its fast and very lasting effect without unnatural consequences. Based on a complex formula that simultaneously fixes and cares for the correct condition of the hair.

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  • Very strong hold, no stickiness and no white residue on the hair
  • Lightly scented to make your daily salon work easier
  • Can be brushed out
  • Contains UV filter and Panthenol to protect hair from drying out
female hairdress for the event, unrecognizable back view

Ultra strong hold

  • just a small amount of spray fixes the hair for a long time
  • spraying from a small distance on individual strands “freezes” them in place
  • there is no need to wait for full fixing power, the spray does not need to hold the hair until the product dries
Curly Long Hair. High quality image.

No helmet effect or visible white particles

SenaSanto hairspray does not liquefy on the hair and does not form a scale-like layer. This is due to the many trials and tests to choose the right amount of specially selected gas and high quality fixing resin. It is the professional answer to the needs of every hairdressing salon.

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A simple and effective fixation for any style

As you can see in the attached photos, the type of fixation depends on the type of application. Hair sprayed lightly (you don’t need to use a large amount to activate the fixing power) will continue to work, but will keep its original, arranged shape. Sprayed very close up, with more spray, it will stay rigidly in place, building up a secure and unalterable structure of pinned up hair.


Why panthenol and uv filter in hairspray?

Hairspray forms the final layer on styled hair. It is therefore the best place to control factors that affect each strand from the outside. The UV filter prevents the damaging effects of the sun from drying out your hair, while keeping it moisturised with soothing panthenol.



Shake at

Remember to shake the spray can before use, especially if it has been sitting for a long time without moving.



Spray from a distance that suits you:

  • 20-30 cm on loose hair for a hold that still works
  • 15-10 cm on pinned up hair to hold the structure permanently, or topically on strands that need special support or freezing


If the effect is not to your liking, you can comb the spray out of your hair.



Remember, the type of hold you get also depends on how much hairspray you apply in one area: a lightly pressed applicator will release a mixture with less of the hold resin than a hard, long-hold trigger that releases a lot of the heavier-than-gas components.

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