Keratin mist “Z”



ITM: 01-115

Styling and care

Styling, as the mist adds shine and smooths the hairstyle. Nourishes, while at the same time the actively acting keratin conditions the hair structure. Additionally, the mist transmits a subtle fragrance and moisture to the hair, giving it a healthy appearance.

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  • Active building block
  • Maximum smoothness and shine
  • Additional hydration
  • Delicate lingering fragrance
Blond woman with long curly beautiful hair.

Fast care

Stillo mist is a product based on keratin – the building protein of hair, which cares for the condition of strands by closing their scales.
Always we don’t have time for a treatment that requires leaving the mask on the hair for a sufficiently long time…
Hair doesn’t always look healthy after styling, but rather dry and frizzy…
The solution – a final spray with a smoothing keratin mist will give your hair a healthy look and take care of the inner workings of your hair in seconds!


Smoothing as part of styling

Stillo is a product with a very light formula, which is why we call it a mist.
During styling, hair is exposed to many factors that force the shape, often without caring about the final condition of the hair. Stillo’s keratin mist is the icing on the cake of the styling issue. It is light enough that it will not disturb the shapes of the hairstyle formed in the styling process, but it will give the hair a healthy shine and smooth out any frizz.

Sick, cut and healthy hair. Hair before and after treatment.

Unruly hair and visible split ends?

You don’t have to worry about it every time you style your hair. We recommend using a mist also as the last stage of styling if your hair is frizzy and static, making it impossible to form the desired shape of the hairstyle – tame it with Stillo. Spraying all over your hair will make it significantly easier to comb, eliminate static and frizz. Additionally, it will take care of visibly split ends.

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Active ingredients and their effects

Stillo Mist contains keratin, which closes the hair cuticle and when used regularly strengthens the hair and protects it from external factors. In addition, we took care of the ingredients that take care of the hydration of the hair.



Detangling and finishing the styling

Use before styling

When frizz and static prevent effective styling – spray from a short distance with particular attention to the ends.

To use after styling

If the effect is not to your liking, you can brush out the spray. When the client’s hair seems dry, flat and lifeless after styling – spray from a distance, misting the hair where it needs it most.


Quick care, smooth styling


Simply spray your hair!
From a short distance spray the ends, from further away spray the whole hair including the top of your head.
Rotate your head vigorously to the right and left, lightly brushing your hair with your hands, allowing it to take its final shape and you’re done.

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