To the rescue – Magmari!

Do you feel that your hair is losing its shape? Are they falling out, breaking, weak and lacking shine? Here at Magmari we have one – actually three (!) reliable tips for that! The Magmari Ritual, full of magic!


Strong and shiny hair is the dream of every one of us. To achieve this effect, regular care is necessary. Shampoo, conditioner or mask is the absolute basis of care. More advanced degrees of initiation presuppose oiling, laminating and a number of other strongly nourishing hair treatments. One should not forget to strengthen the hair from the inside. A proper diet, rich in fats, vitamins and trace elements will ideally strengthen the hair. After all, it’s no secret that following a restrictive diet can radically worsen the condition of the hair and then a visit to the hairdresser may seem inevitable.
If you want to avoid this at all costs – enter the world of Ritual Magmari.


We know very well how salutary effect on our hair, has cleansing. Therefore, the first and basic element of our ritual is a menthol and grapefruit scrub for the scalp. Natural scrubbing ingredients based on the walnut shell perfectly stimulate blood circulation, cleanse the space between the hair from all impurities, stimulate the roots to grow and have anti-dandruff properties.
Do a thorough scrub, rinse your hair and wash with Royal shampoo. All the nourishing ingredients will penetrate, deep into each strand. You will see the effect after the first use.


And now the most important part – that is, the mask. If you don’t have time – apply to washed hair and rinse after three minutes. But twice a week leave it on your hair for about 20 minutes. You can also additionally wrap your hair in a warm towel. Then the secret of Magmari cosmetics will work – multi nourishing ingredients, collagen, keratin, shea and many others.
A 3-step treatment for three hair problems- 1) ends saved, 2) hair nourished, 3) shine restored.

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