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MagMari is a brand created by pros for pros. We’ve been patient and persistent in gathering our Customers’ opinions about cosmetics available on the market, so that the results of our work related to their real needs. We network with many hairdressing warehouses because we want our Clients to be able to rely on our dependability and innovativeness.

Our response to the market’s demands is maintaining rigorous procedures in creating highest quality cosmetics. We had them tested in dozens of hairdressing salons to make sure that MagMari is a brand that guarantees unique ingredients and effective hair care.

Quality of MagMari products is a team success of pros and technologists. The characteristics of the innovative Hydrokollaker formulation are quality and unique results visible immediately after use.

We work with people and for people, that is why relationships with our Customers are really important to us. Our guidelines in business are honesty and diligence. Cooperation with our Clients is based on respect and symmetrical and mutually beneficial terms.

Meet MagMari - history of brand

Success missed by a hair

We started as an importer of Italian cosmetics. Beginnings were tough because breaking into the market demanded time, effort and a lot of money. Finally, years of perseverant work started bearing fruit. The product we were selling was associated with good price and confirmed quality.

Unfortunately, instead of expected stabilization, surprising disappointment came. Our small company was pushed out of the market by a more financially powerful competition. Years of work went to waste, scrupulously build reputation lost its meaning, dimmed by columns of numbers and predictions of future profits.

New beginning

But instead of caving in to hard market rules and admitting his failure, the owner of a small company decided to create his own brand of hair cosmetics. He came across a painting by a 19th century British artist, Frederick Sandys, entitled “Mary Magdalene”. A women shown in the picture had beautiful, mesmerising hair and she was holding a phial of costly oil in her hand. In a flash of inspiration a name or the brand was created - MagMari. But the rest of the story is not a romantic fairy tale but a story of a businessman who knows what he wants. And how to get it.

The ground rules are: being fair and respectful towards partners and creating products of assured quality. The owner of the brand decided to ensure that his business partners could trust him, by building lasting and mutually beneficial relations with wholesalers - no matter how long achieving it would take.

Triumph of quality

Today MagMari is a brand that has specific positive connotations among hairdressers and stylists. Our company representants are thoroughly trained pros. Quality of the products in our offer is combined with the quality of service because MagMari’s aim is to build priceless and lasting relationships, beneficial for both parties. Simplicity of message instead of pushy marketing, quality assured by dozens of Customers instead of empty brags - all that makes experienced pros appreciate and recommend our brand.

Unique and rich composition of MagMari products guarantees their effectiveness. MagMari cosmetics more and more often become the favourite and irreplaceble work tool for many hairdressers and stylists.

Check for yourself

MagMari’s ambition isn’t to conquer the wrold and become the biggest company on the cosmetic market. Our aim is to have lasting and satisfactory relationships with our Clients, ensuring highest standards of service and meeting Client’s real needs. That’s why you can’t buy our products on the Internet. This guarantees fair and stable prices as well as treating our partners with respect. Our company is 100% Polish capital. We chose our own path - against hard market laws, not yielding under criticism. We chose specific, long-term business philosophy that gives lasting results.

Today we can say that we’re happy to work in harmony with our beliefs and principles; fairly, calmly - and without fail. MagMari is the new quality on the market full of mediocrity and skimpiness.

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