50 ml ITM: 01-119
200 ml ITM: 02-100
500 ml ITM: 01-118
1000 ml ITM: 01-103


Hair Mask Exclusive

Exclusive acidifying mask with regenerative and rebuilding effects for all hair types. One mask that will meet the challenges of hair regeneration after intense hairdressing treatments (dyeing, bleaching or even perm) as well as daily treatment at home.

The MagMari ACCANTO hair mask is the power of meticulously selected ingredients:

  • Keratin for maximum restoration of damaged hair structure;
  • Pro-vitamin B5, whose effect on hair hydration is invaluable;
  • Shea butter smoothing and sealing hair layers to reduce their porosity;
  • Argan oil, rich in vitamin E, giving ultimate elasticity and shine to effectively nourished hair after treatment.

The thick consistency prevents the mask from flowing down during the procedure, and its velvety smell allows you to relax during the process of leaving the product on your hair. The result is deeply rebuilt and regenerated hair that shows:

  • easy combing;
  • increased gloss;
  • desired softness;
  • leveling static hair;
  • healthy nourished appearance.

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Available capacity

50 ml ITM: 01-119
200 ml ITM: 01-104
500 ml ITM: 01-118
1000 ml ITM: 01-103

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