Hydrokollaker - the combined power of collagen and keratin

Hydrokollaker formulation - a new definition of hair care by MagMari line

  • It complements deficiency of elements that build the hair structure.
  • It regenerates and strengthens hair.
  • It creates a protective filter on the hair surface, stopping impurities.
  • It provides proper bounciness and moisturizing, protecting hair from moisture loss.
  • It prevents hair loss and dandruff.
Hydrokollaker is a synonym for perfect care - it gives volume, gloss and bounciness to your hair.
Effects visible after the first use - the formulation provides vitality, beauty and health for every strand
Hydrokollaker moisturizes hair and maintains their biological balance.
Original formulation devised by Evers Poland experts is protected by a patent.
Hydrokollaker formulation is available in MagMari cosmetics only.

The very first use makes your hair groomed, soft and easy to brush. Hydrokollaker not only makes haidressers’ work easier but also guarantees Clients’ satisfaction as they appreciate the brand’s quality. You will soon realise that MagMari is an indispensable element of your salon’s offer.

Deep care

After your turn twenty, hair structure becomes more susceptible to damages. Collagen from Hydrokollaker formulation provides full regeneration for your hair. Due to deep care hair regain shine and strength, they become less brittle.


Hair strands are mainly built of keratin that is responsible for its bounciness and flexibility. As one of the main components of Hydrokollaker formulation, keratin effectively protects hair cuticle from damages and makes them moisturized and soft which changes doing your hair into sheer pleasure.


Unique formulation devised in Evers Poland laboratories is a result of a careful and thoroughly considered choice of components which comes from deep analysis and experience of biotechnology experts. Hydrokollaker provides active hair care.


Hydrokollaker really works! Formulation prooves itself in care and regeneration of hair damaged by styling, colorization, preservation and weather conditions, restoring its beauty and vitality. It cares for proper moisturizing and regeneration of hair structure. It guarantees hair health, protects from dandruff and regulates natural biological processess taking place in hair structure.

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