Nova-PROTECT formula containing, among others condensed polyamine sugars protects hair from the undesirable effects of lightening and leaves their structure intact.

The hairdressing market is overloaded with a selection of products in various areas of cosmetic products. It is no different in the case of brighteners. The main challenge of the producers of this product is to find a golden mean between sufficiently strong and dazzling effects, and to protect the hair against the harmful effects of invasive active substances in the bleaching process. Until now, the shawl was tilting towards stronger effects at the expense of which the condition of the hair suffered. Each attempt to interact with hair protection ended with additional products or price increases.

The team of chemists cooperating with MagMari decided to solve this problem by creating a MagMari LUMINO brightener with the innovative Nova-PROTECT formula, which helps to achieve the dazzling effect of lightening hair while protecting it.

Derivatives of polyamide sugars are commonly used in the bulletproof vest industry. The action of sugar polyamides is also used as a barrier of harmful UV rays. This gave us the idea to use them to protect the condition of our clients' hair. In the MagMari formula, thanks to close cooperation with chemists, it was possible to use a condensed variety of polyamide sugars to create a protective cover on the hair surface, which does not interfere with the effective operation of the brightener. Thanks to this, even 9-tone bleaching will not damage the hair structure and protect against undesirable effects of the whole process.

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