Concentration 1,9% ITM: 01-124
Concentration 3% ITM: 01-125
Concentration 6% ITM: 01-126
Concentration 9% ITM: 01-127
Concentration 12% ITM: 01-128


Oxydant emulsion

Capacity: 1L

Oxidant MagMari Hydrogen is a professional hydrogen peroxide emulsion required during hair dyeing and bleaching treatments. The formula of our product is based on high quality materials in order to protect hair during invasive chemical treatments as much as possible and not to disturb their natural structure.

Oxidant Hydrogen does not dry hair excessively, as a result the hair stays elastic and easy to comb. In addition, the use of newly available thickeners on the market helped to achieve a high density of the formulation. This translates into its very high efficiency and ease in obtaining a homogeneous mixture, required for correct and effective dyeing or bleaching.

Useful description when choosing concentration:

  • 6vol. for very subtle effects of refreshing all existing colors at the same level
  • 10vol. for dimming hair color or leaving it with the same brightness as the base color
  • 20vol. for lightening the hair color, for example by 1 ton or covering gray hair
  • 30vol. for lightening hair by 2 tons
  • 40vol. in cases of willingness to lighten hair by 3-4 tones, e.g. in the case of strong, specific blond shades that require high lightening strength for measurable effects
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1,9% ITM: 01-124
3% ITM: 01-125
6% ITM: 01-126
9% ITM: 01-127
12% ITM: 01-128

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