500 g ITM: 01-108


Bleaching Powder

Brightener, which intensely protects hair and prevents damage -> This perfect compromise, desired and sought by professionals, was achieved thanks to the proprietary NOVA-PROTECT formula.

Professional hair bleach, powder, MagMari LUMINO:

  • perfectly adapts to all brightening techniques, without fear of unwanted shades or uneven brightening effect;
  • offers additional brightening power of up to 9 tones;
  • it has protection, thanks to the innovative NOVA-PROTECT formula, preventing damage to the hair structure during the bleaching process;
  • is used for all shades of hair, from natural to dyed to blond;
  • pleasant smell that does not hinder working with the product;
  • extremely simple use of the product, in the form of powder, during the preparation and application of the brightener.

The effect is the dazzling results of lightening, while protecting hair, which after the whole process is characterized by a natural look and mesmerizing (possibly healthy) shine.

Desired level of bleaching
concetration of hydrogen peroxide

time for combination to work
6 tones20 vol - 6%30 minutes
8 tones30 vol - 9%40 minutes
9 tones40 vol - 12%45 minutes
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Available capacity

500 g ITM: 01-108

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