200 ml ITM: 01-102
1000 ml ITM: 01-101
50 ml ITM: 01-107


Shampoo Exclusive

The leading MagMari product that will not disappoint the most picky stylists, and turn home care into a quick professional renewal. This premium product has the power of an innovative hydrocollaker formula, which convinces of its strength from the first application. The Royal name itself directs us to the royal effects of this flagship product, entirely produced in Poland.

Thanks to the carefully selected ingredients Royal shampoo was created to change the face of working on hair by operating as follows:

  • Supplements the deficiency of natural ingredients building the structure of the hair;
  • Supports the fight against hair loss and dandruff;
  • It creates a protective filter on the surface of the hair, protecting it from the ingress of unwanted substances from the environment;
  • Retains moisture in the hair cells;
  • Regenerates and strengthens hair;
  • Leaves the hair silky soft, giving it a healthy, shiny appearance;
  • It works from the first use, leaving a noticeable difference on the hair!

We already know that it works. We also know that the Royal Shampoo is ready to show its class in direct use, therefore for unbelievers the 50 ml test version is also available.

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200 ml ITM: 01-102
1000 ml ITM: 01-101
50 ml ITM: 01-107

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