750 ml ITM: 02-100

Sena Santo

Ultra Strong Hairspray

Scena Santo hairspray, from MagMari, is the power of irreplaceable components:

  • Pro-vitamin B5:
    By penetrating the hair structure, it protects against UV radiation, moisturizes the hair and increases its volume. It is responsible for giving shine, and further strengthens hair pigmentation, delaying natural graying.
  • Innovative gas:
    The gas used in our varnish reduces dusting, and thus - makes using Sena Santo comfortable and does not irritate the respiratory tract.
  • High quality resin:
    Do you know why nail polish fix the hairstyle? This is due to the combination of gas and resin. In our product, the combination of these ingredients allows you to achieve unprecedented durability of the hairstyle, because they are selected so as to fully use the properties of each of them.
  • Fixation Power:
    Already one layer of the product ensures the fixation of the hairstyle, and each subsequent one only increases its power. Importantly, the beautiful and natural look of the hair is preserved.
  • Combing:
    Varnish from the MagMari line provides very strong fixation, but even after applying several layers of the product, the hair can still be combed easily and painlessly, without damaging their structure.
  • Every day and holiday hairstyle:
    Our varnish works very well on occasions that require particularly effective fixing of the hairstyle for longer, such as a wedding, prom or an important meeting at work. Keeps hair in shape and freshness.
  • No white coating:
    One of the product's hallmarks is ... no traces! When used as directed, Sena Santo does not leave a white coating.
  • Daily work varnish:
    The delicate smell and ease of use make working with varnish not burdensome. Thanks to these features, Sena Santo works very well in everyday hairdressing.

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750 ml ITM: 02-100

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