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Hair skalp peeling

The MagMari Peludo scalp and hair peeling is a revolution in cleansing the scalp of all environmental soiling, residues from everyday stylization, dandruff or sebum that block the hair follicle from natural, strong growth of new strands.
The content of this product is based on three important ingredients in action:

  • walnut shell powder - provides a natural peeling function that causes movement of even the most resistant dirt collected on the scalp
  • grapefruit extract - thanks to its natural charge with active ingredients, it nourishes the scalp and hair
  • menthol - leaves an amazing feeling of freshness after the procedure

Peludo peeling can be used as a support in the fight against oily scalp and hair thanks to its action reducing excessive work of sebaceous glands. By cleansing scalp from dandruff, it helps to reduce the problems associated with both dry and oily dandruff, preparing the skin for direct nourishment with preparations used immediately after the peeling treatment.

Peludo is a quick way to effective hair nutrition:

  • clears hair follicles - hair bulbs are maximally cleansed and exposed, which prepares them for immediate, deep absorption of active substances
  • stimulates micro circulation and oxygenates the scalp - peeling treatment stimulates hair roots for faster, healthier growth including therefore, the hair grows stronger and shinier
  • helps to reduce the amount of hair loss - after the procedure, it is recommended to use Royal Shampoo from the MagMari line, which contains a very large amount of collagen responsible for the proper growth and repair of the structure of the hair roots. On the other hand, the keratin contained in the shampoo closes the cuticles sufficiently
  • leaves a protective filter - with a view to safe use, the Peludo peeling contains moisturizing substances that protect the scalp against dryness

The effects can be seen after just one use!

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200 ml ITM: 01-117

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