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Pezzi Foil

Professional hair foil 250


Pezzi foil is a reliable tool in the hair coloring process. Thanks to its exceptional durability and increased thickness, it eliminates the risk of unexpected damage during work. It facilitates precise division of strands into specific lengths, which is extremely useful for advanced coloring techniques.

Thanks to the use of the highest quality material, Pezzi Foil does not affect the effectiveness of chemical hair coloring or bleaching treatments. It is an assurance that your coloring will be even and effective.

Pezzi Foil:

  • it is flexible and retains the given shape,
  • increased film thickness to 14.5nm,
  • flexible material characteristics that prevent uncontrolled ripping of the film,
  • quality of material to prevent unwanted reactions during treatments.




Directions for use

Step 1 - Divide

Separate the film into pieces as desired.

Step 2 - Adjust

Place the separated strand of hair on the inside matte side of a piece of foil. Apply paint or bleach to the strand with a brush, pressing it lightly against the foil.

Step 3 - Bend

Bounce the bottom fold line of the foil at the height of the ends of the separated strand with a comb or brush handle. Fold the end inward, covering the entire top part of the strand. Then close the whole thing by folding the sides of the foil piece.

Step 4 - Observe

Control the effects taking place inside by occasionally bending the middle part of the film from the side of the growth.

Feedback from our customers

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