Drying men’s hair – how to do it right so as not to damage it?

Drying men’s hair may seem like a quick and low-energy process. However, the very hot air emitted by the hair dryer can have a bad effect on the condition of the strands, especially the roots, which after a while become severely weakened. So how to dry your hair so that it is always in the best possible condition? You will find the answer to this question in today’s post.


Many men dry their hair incorrectly. The most common mistakes are – holding the hair dryer too close to the hair, especially the scalp, drying strands that are too wet, using too hot air and a strong blower.

The above actions can lead to hair and keratin damage and excessive moisture loss.

A hair dryer is not bad, but only if it is of good quality. Using a simple model of dryer leads to very negative consequences, and the hair becomes:

– breakable,

– Dry on the length, and from the scalp – oily,

– weakened, especially the ends, which begin to split,

– Stuffy, very problematic to arrange.

And have you noticed such effects of drying, with a dryer of poor quality?

Give it up as soon as possible!

Replace it with a model equipped with an adjustable airflow force and supply temperature. This is a MUST HAVE! You can also think about ionization – your hair will not electrify and frizz.


Improper drying of hair can lead to hair and keratin damage. The hair will become dull and dry by losing a lot of moisture from the strands. Therefore, in addition to changing your dryer and drying method, it’s time to take care of your strands.

It’s time to rebuild and regenerate with ROYAL shampoo.

Royal is the professional answer to weakened hair, which is very difficult to regenerate. Through a competitive dose of keratin, the shampoo has the effect of closing the hair cuticle, so that the strands are not only perfectly smooth but also deeply regenerated. On the other hand, collagen reduces defects in the structure of the hair, strengthens and regenerates it. Such an effective combination of active ingredients was created thanks to the development of a unique Hydrokollaker formula under the MAGMARI patent.

If your hair is dry, flat, dull, falling out, has visible split ends then keratin therapy with Royal shampoo, will be the best solution for such problems.

Apply, massage and rinse – see and feel the difference!

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