Fashion Up hair powder – see how to use to achieve the desired effect

Slightly stiffened, voluminous strands and a natural look? This is the secret of how hair powder works. Although its application may seem complicated – it’s just appearances. Find out how to take care of really well-styled hair in a simple way.
Hair powder is one of the more common styling products chosen by hairdressers. It is also worth having it at home. It’s simple use and spectacular effect will make it one of your favorite cosmetics.


For those with shorter hair, where teasing is not possible or simply undesirable – the powder is an ideal solution. It lifts and stiffens the hair at the very root. Even a short hairstyle will gain volume from it. Both the effect and the refreshing fragrance, remain on the hair all day, gently stimulating.


Apply the powder to dry hair. Separate the strands with your fingers or a comb. Gently place the powder container over your head and dust the desired area with a small amount of powder, gently tapping the can with your finger. Avoid shaking the entire container so you don’t overdo the amount of product applied. If you feel that there is too much powder in a particular place – gently spread it over a larger area of hair with your fingers and continue styling.

If you want to highlight specific strands, spread the powder only on selected sections. They will be “slightly frosted” to emphasize the individual character of your hairstyle.

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