Problem? No problem! No more spilled hair from under the cap!

Rain with snow, cold wind, freezing ears? Without a hat, not a move.
Unfortunately, the hair tolerates such a solution poorly. What can we do to ensure that our hairstyle retains its impeccable form and shape? Magmari has some ideas for this….


Flexible and manageable hair, without limp strands? It’s possible!

It’s best to start with a thorough cleansing. And nothing will take care of this better than a specially composed scrub. Gentle and at the same time maximally efficient. One that will cleanse the scalp thanks to the natural properties of nut shells. It will remove lingering sebum from the hair follicles, making hair less oily. It will leave a gentle menthol cooling sensation and create a base for the next stages of hair care.


The next step is a cleansing but gentle shampoo. While washing, it removes residues of previously used styling products. It makes hair manageable and does not electrify. All thanks to the active lather, which is worth it to massage into the hair – long and gently. After rinsing thoroughly, dry hair with a hair dryer and apply a suitable fixative….


… and this effect will be provided by a suitable mist, lotion or powder. They will gently lift the hair at the root, providing lightness and flexibility to the hairstyle. The best products do not leave white marks, do not crumble and do not make hair greasy. Used according to the rules described in the leaflet, they are guaranteed to maintain a perfect hairstyle – even under a cap. They are suitable for use on everyone, regardless of gender or hair length.

So not so terrible winter! All it takes is a good preparation and even a hat won’t spoil the mood… our hairstyle!

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