Shiny hair

Who does not dream of soft, healthy and shiny hair? The kind in which the sun’s rays refract and the color shimmers with golden reflections?

Today we will face the problem of dull, lackluster hair, holistically. Since our specialists value both a scientific approach to hair care and natural methods used for generations, we will show how Magmari cosmetics harmoniously interact with home treatments.


Who hasn’t heard of Magmari Ritual yet? It’s our number one beauty care product. The perfectly matched cosmetic trio is gaining a growing number of fans among our customers.

The combination of scrub, shampoo and mask in one set is an opportunity to quickly and comprehensively improve the condition of hair.

Start with a Peludo scrub. You’ll stimulate your roots, prevent dandruff and cleanse your scalp, making it easier for the next treatment elements to penetrate each strand.


Rinse off any leftover product and apply Accanto cream mask. The dense texture will thoroughly coat each strand to let the nutrients penetrate firmly.

In addition, you can make a 20-minute compress out of the mask and give yourself a relaxing massage while rinsing.

Finally, wash your hair with Royal professional shampoo. The thick lather will cleanse the strands along the entire length. The hairstyle will become light and perfectly amenable to styling.


The problem of dry, dull and lackluster hair affects many of us and often requires long-term and regular action.

One of the known and used for generations is apple cider vinegar rinse. We have it in virtually every kitchen and use it in cooking, forgetting about its versatile properties.

Mix a liter of boiled, cooled water with a tablespoon of vinegar. Pour the rinse over your hair and do not rinse. Don’t worry about the smell, after a few minutes the scent of vinegar will evaporate.
Apple cider vinegar closes the hair’s scales, makes it easier to comb, improves the condition of the scalp and, most importantly, shines sensationally. Used regularly, it will be a great addition to home care.

Such a treatment does not cost much, is easy to prepare, produces excellent results and perfectly enriches our cosmetic treatments.


In our approach to hair care, we rely on a wide range of inspiration. Magmari cosmetics were created out of passion and love for beautiful hair, so we draw our knowledge about hair care from many sources. And this is where Magmari’s secret lies!

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