The direction – care of curly hair!

Spring, sunshine and beautifully curled hair! Help them regain their full strength.
Even slightly twist-prone locks will bring out their power, if you let them. Check out the novelty from Magmari and see what your … curls are capable of! And it’s all thanks to the properties of Nanti modeling spray.


Every owner of curl-prone hair knows how much work it sometimes takes to create a good twist. Many cosmetics weigh down the hair, making it limp and unattractive. Other specifics are unable to prevent frizz and the effect is again far from ideal.

Curly hair, by definition, requires extra care. Since moisturization is important in this case, it’s worth betting on daily washing and also ensuring regular oiling. Two or three times a week apply your favorite oil (olive oil, linseed oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil or other) to your hair, keep it for about 2-3 hours, rinse thoroughly and shampoo. Such a treatment will give your hair elasticity and reduce split ends.


For even better care, Magmari experts have developed something special.
Nanti – a spray that reactivates curls and makes the strands perfectly flexible. It can be applied in two ways and each of them will bring excellent results.

Wet styling:

After washing, towel dry your hair. Spray damp hair with Nanti spray and knead to get the desired effect. Hair can now dry on its own or with the help of a hair dryer – depending on your preference. Nanti will also work great as a base for papillote.

Dry styling:

To refresh the hair and improve the curl, spray Nanti on the hair and lightly knead until the effect is satisfactory. Blow dry with a hair dryer or leave in.

Nanti gives hair shine and gently fixes any type of curl. The hair is not weighed down, is not sticky, smells lovely and the hairstyle lasts all day. Treat yourself to a spring renewal with Magmari. See also other cosmetics, shampoos and conditioners, which will provide the perfect base for complete and perfect hair care.

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