Become my Valentine!

Give your loved ones something special on St. Valentine’s Day!

Something fragrant, nourishing and original! A practical gift does not have to be boring. All you have to do is look at Magmari store!


Give the gift of beauty and exceptional care. With us you will find trinkets that will please any recipient – because beautiful hair is always in vogue. See what to gift your other half to bring a smile to her face!


Number one among Magmari products? The Accanto mask, of course.
Even the most damaged hair can’t resist its healing power. It smooths and revitalizes from the roots to the ends. It protects against external factors and visibly improves the condition from the first use. Care for your hair with love!

Magic tricks? We don’t do magic!
Visibly increased volume, without weighing hair down and without sticky strands? Technology in the service of beauty straight from Magmari! Fashion Volumine Lotion spreads evenly through the hair thanks to a specially developed diffuser design. It fixes the hairstyle while moisturizing the hair, and the delicate, seductive scent lasts all day.


Perfect short hair styling?
Fashion Up powder is the perfect solution for men who like to emphasize their hairstyle gently and unobtrusively. Fashion Up will style and discipline your hair for the entire day while remaining virtually unnoticeable. All you need to do is to lightly smear a small amount of powder at the roots of the hair to give the hairstyle a distinctive twist.

Royal care for the discerning? Only with Royal shampoo.
Indulge yourself in a truly exciting experience. Feel the power of active, thick foam that envelops your hair and then gently cleanses. Feel the freshness and lightness and see your hair full of healthy shine. Regain your power with an enhanced dose of keratin.

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