Christmas gift box from Magmari

Snow is getting more and more, lights are glowing on the Christmas tree, and gifts bought?

If you are still looking for inspiration, we will give you some ideas. Hair care cosmetics are always a successful purchase that will please any gift recipient.

Here are the stars of the Magmari family – perfect for the first star!


Orygeness – keratin hair elixir. A product that is good to have always at hand. For use on wet and dry hair. Perfectly nourishes, perfectly protects, perfectly models the hair. Gives shine and phenomenal fragrance. It is also suitable for the care and perfect styling of men’s. So – a universal gift as found! Ho ho ho!

Peludo – scrub for scalp and hair. A true menthol breath of fresh air when it comes to hair care. The gentle paste filled with walnut shell particles perfectly cleanses the scalp, allowing the hair follicles to better absorb nutrients. The first step in hair care? Only with Peludo.
Recommended for female and male heads.


Scudo “Y” – thermo-protective hair spray. The perfect gift for ladies, after all, we use hair dryers, curling irons or straighteners almost every day. Scudo protects and moisturizes each strand, so that after styling with high temperatures, the hair is perfectly arranged. They do not break, they are not dry – Magmari’s protective spray nourishes all the way to the ends.

Royal – a luxurious shampoo for professional use and beyond. Its unique formula closes the hair cuticle, making them strong and smooth again. A large dose of collagen fills the defects in the structure of the hair. Royal shampoo is a horn of plenty when it comes to nourishing and repairing properties. A must have among shampoos and a perfect gift addition. Perfect for all genders.


Accanto – And what after the scrub and shampoo? A mask, of course! And not just one for the carnival!
Accanto from Magmari is a long-term action. It rescues damaged hair to restore a healthy shine. It is suitable for quick daily care, compresses and OMO method. For all users who dream of comprehensive. care.

Fashion Up – “the icing on the styling cake?” A powder that will lift the hair strands and give them the shape of their dreams. With it you will rise to the heights of exceptional styling – for the holidays, for the festive season, for the new year and for every day!

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