Hair on the go – simple tips for holiday getaways

Vacation travel (especially air travel) often involves limited luggage. It’s hard to pack into a small bag and a well-thought-out kit becomes a prerequisite for a peaceful vacation. In such a situation, we cannot afford to pack a full makeup bag. With help come travel packs.


Let’s give your hair a rest during summer sojourns. Give up the hair dryer, straightener or curling iron. On vacation let’s take a good shampoo, one that not only cleans, but nourishes hair. You can pour your favorite product into a travel bottle and the problem is solved.

But when wind-blown hair is not quite your style and you feel an irresistible need to tame the chaos on your head – we have small solutions for that. Perfect for travel and ideal for summer.

A handy container of Accanto 100 ml mask-one of our most popular products. It protects and moisturizes and, most importantly, leaves a filter on the hair that protects against UV rays.
Also take Orygeness keratin elixir on the go. The 50 ml bottle easily fits in your purse. So whenever you feel that right now your hairstyle needs refreshing, a light styling or a small fix – Orygeness will come to your rescue.


Holiday evening outing? Hair sagging after a day at the beach? Breathe some life into them. Gentle yet sturdy Fasion Up powder is our solution. A small 10-gram can hides a lightweight powder that will lift your hair strand by strand, just the way you want it.

Small packages are a lifesaver when traveling. Proven and efficient cosmetics will save you time and nerves. Feel beautiful and feminine every day. And Magmari will take care of your hair!

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