Take care of your hair for summer!

Barely has your hair taken a breather after winter, and already you’re starting to worry if it will be damaged by the strong summer sun? Well, it’s a good thing the specialists at Magmari know how to remedy that. Read our blog guide. Find out how to take care of your hair not only for summer!


Under the influence of overexposure to the sun, hair can become more dull, faded and brittle. General strengthening of their condition will make them less vulnerable to degenerative effects of external factors. Properly selected cosmetics will ensure that your hair is in perfect condition at any time of the year.
Excess UV rays accelerate aging not only of the skin, but also of the hair. Therefore, in summer, take care not only of a straw hat, but also cosmetics to protect your hair from ultraviolet rays.


Our best set for special tasks – Magmari Ritual. Repeatedly appreciated by customers. It contains the three most important elements that make hair resilient, strengthened and full of shine. A scalp scrub, a rich keratin and collagen shampoo and a mask. It is thanks to Accanto, a revitalizing hair mask from Magmari, that our ritual is so effective. To the moisturizing properties of the Peludo scrub and the nourishing ingredients of the Royal shampoo, we added a product that closes the hair’s cuticle, smooths strands, contains nourishing ingredients alone and, most importantly, creates a natural UV filter. A ritual that can be used in several ways is good to include in your daily hair care routine forever.


Styling cosmetics should also contain the right components to not only fix, but also protect. So choose the perfect finish to your hairstyle that Orygeness keratin elixir will give you. Nourishing oils and reliable keratin. Summer styling ready!

Prefer something lighter? Try the Scudo thermal protection spray. Gentle formula, captivating fragrance and the power of protective properties. Feel the summer climate with Magmari and do not worry about your hair. Our cosmetics created by care experts are a guarantee of healthy and shiny strands all year round!

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