Problem? No problem! No more oily hair!

When thinking about hair imperfections, we do not always consider the actual causes of the problem first. Dandruff or excess sebum are ailments resulting directly from the condition of the skin on our head. Sebum and remnants of styling cosmetics clog the space between the hair, blocking the access of oxygen to the hair follicle, and this is what causes rapid onset of oiliness.
Well-chosen cosmetics will thoroughly support the cleansing of the scalp – because in this case even the best shampoo is not enough.


While you might think that a scalp scrub is a time-consuming and unnecessary procedure without much meaning – nothing could be further from the truth. Gentle ingredients such as walnut shell powder gently remove the sticky layer deposited on the skin. All you need to do is wet your hair and scalp, then massage with your fingers – applying a small amount of the scrubbing paste. You will also feel the stimulating scent of grapefruit and the vitamins it contains will nourish the roots and hair. A touch of menthol will refresh and give a pleasant cooling sensation during care. For best results – massage your hair and wrap it in a towel. Wait 20 minutes and only then rinse. The active ingredients will have time to be properly absorbed.

Apply a batch of professional shampoo to a cleansed scalp and well rinsed hair.
Its main task is to cleanse and prepare the hair for further styling. The abundant lather makes it easy to massage the head and relaxes it pleasantly. It perfectly moisturizes and smooths the hair. Such double care will give you an effect that you will notice after the first application. Forget about oily strands. Your hair will remain fresh, light and insanely fragrant. Trust the professionals, trust Magmari.


Alternating the use of professional cosmetics and natural rinses is a solution that will allow our scalp to rest and maintain a healthy balance. The best way may be a hair rinse. It is trivially simple, and the components for its preparation can be found in the garden, in the park – basically everywhere. We are talking about nettle – a common weed that we tend to avoid because of its steaming leaves. However, unpleasant impressions should not obscure the wonderful properties of this plant. The effects of nettle on hair and our entire body are really rich. The rinse has a normalizing effect on the skin by reducing seborrhea. In addition – the infusion does not have a greasy consistency – so you do not need to rinse it, so all the vitamins and minerals have time to act at their own pace. The effects of such therapy are visible after several treatments and it is worth using it regularly. Blood circulation in the skin will improve and hair will grow better.

How to prepare the rinse?

Pour boiling water over a few sprigs of nettle stems and watch for about 15 minutes. Drain, cool and pour over hair. Do not rinse. You can use the rest of the infusion the next day.

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