Summer hair care

We no longer have to hide our hair under a hat, which doesn’t do much good in winter. But summer and the scorching sun rays are another challenge. Therefore, in order not to spoil your vacation, see how to enrich your hair care routine with some really effective elements.


Let’s remember to wear headgear. On hot days, no matter whether at the beach or in the city, it’s a good idea to take care of a bandana, hat or baseball cap. This not only protects you from the unpleasant effects of sunstroke. Strong sunlight and high temperatures also negatively affect the condition of hair. They will become dry, brittle, lack luster and faded. Therefore, gentle protection is as important as proper care.


Opt for proven cosmetics that will provide a protective layer against UV rays, thanks to the content of oils and provitamins
and also visibly improve the degree of hydration. Compose a set of Magrami, which, accompanying you throughout the summer, will make sure that your hair remains in excellent condition even after holiday travels.
A well-chosen shampoo such as Royal’s multi keratin shampoo is ideal for such tasks. It strengthens, smooths and closes the hair’s scales. Used regularly, it brings really excellent results. This is one of our most popular products so let the quality speak for itself.
Include Accanto mask, which provides hair with the best UV filter thanks to its Shea butter content. Occasionally hold the mask on your hair a little longer than the standard few minutes. Wrap your hair with a towel and make a nourishing compress. You will see the difference right away.


Finally, spray your hair with Stillo keratin mist – composed just for the needs of dry hair. Thanks to its properties, hair will not frizz. You can use it only on the ends or all over. Mists are the perfect choice for summer. They are light, nourishing, smell beautiful and are easy to travel with. Find your must have set for summer time at Magmari!

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