May as Paradise!

Spend a few days in unhurried tranquility. Take time for yourself, read, laze around. Find a moment for skin care rituals. Maybe they’ll be scented with sweet almond oil or argan oil if your hair needs moisturizing? Coconut when it’s splitting? Castor when it’s falling out? The method of application is also important. Pet your hair – tenderly massage, wash and comb. Slow down a bit, and you’ll see that the lack of haste has a soothing effect not only on the spirit, but also on our bodies. Sit in a warm bath. Make a compress on your head and, without looking nervously at your watch, wait for the nourishing ingredients to penetrate every strand.


Royal Shampoo’s thick fragrant lather cleanses, moisturizes and strengthens hair. It’s the perfect introduction to hair care relaxation. Wash your hair, then apply the Accanto mask and distribute it throughout. You can use a comb to make sure the creamy texture covers each strand evenly. Argan oil, shea butter and keratin will take care of your hair from roots to ends. Wrap your hair with a towel. Make a warming compress, which will allow as many nutrients as possible to penetrate into the hair. Take your time. Keep the mask on your hair for 20 minutes and you will see results after the first use.


Once you treat yourself to a home spa, be sure to go out for a walk. May Day is traditionally not a period that spoils us with weather, but after all, movement in the fresh air is very beneficial for our bodies. Even a half-hour outdoors will improve your cardiovascular system and condition. Not just the physical one! Being outdoors also has a beneficial effect on the psyche. A few moments spent among the trees can significantly improve our inner form. Blow negative emotions out of your head!


Free days are also a good excuse to experiment at home. Are you short of time to play with a new hairstyle? Slippers, a book and papillotes – with Magmari you’ll do it professionally. No matter how frizz-prone your hair is, the right spray will get the best out of it. That’s what Nanti is – our super product for curly hair . See what it can do to your hair!

How about powder? Often we are skeptical of such innovations, fearing unsightly white marks on the hair. Such things are not with us! Try our powder and see how, conjure up a hairstyle straight from classic costume movies. Or an avant-garde teeny hairstyle? With Fashion Up, nothing limits you.

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