Vacations with MAGMARI!

Warm wind, sun, water – it would seem that hair needs nothing more to be happy.
Meanwhile, prolonged exposure to UV rays and salt water can negatively affect their condition.
Excessive sunlight makes hair brittle and dull. The color fades, and the sun expands the scales of the hair, damaging its structure from the inside. That’s why, in addition to sunscreen oil to protect our bodies, it’s worth taking extra care to protect our hair.


Here the matter is a bit complicated, because its effect on the condition of the hair on the one hand can be helpful. It alleviates dandruff, replenishes magnesium, potassium and selenium deficiencies.
On the other hand, hair that is pulverized by seawater catches even more UV rays, which destroy the keratin that is so important for its structure. They become more susceptible to damage, and the salt in the seawater deprives the hair of moisture.
So it’s a good idea to stock up on some basic cosmetics that will keep your hair moisturized and protected throughout the season.


So start by cleansing and moisturizing your hair with a proven set. Our excellent pair, Royal shampoo and Accanto mask, is almost a classic solution recommended by Magmari specialists. After every visit to the beach or pool, wash your hair with the shampoo, not forgetting to gently massage your scalp with your fingertips while washing. Then apply the mask and leave it on for 20 minutes. The Royal shampoo closes the hair’s cuticle and the Accanto mask, thanks to its vitamins and oils, leaves a perfect protective filter on the hair’s surface.


Salt water enhances the curl of your hair. Why not take advantage of it to give your summer look a little makeover? With Nanti’s curl-enhancing mist, you’ll nourish while styling the perfect summer hairstyle a’la beach waves. Use the mist after every wash. Spray on your hair, style it lightly with your fingers and let it dry.

However, if you need stronger protection, choose Scudo mist. This is a product created for dry hair. It protects and moisturizes not only sunburned hair, but also hair frequently subjected to heat styling. Spray Scudo on your hair after every wash or before styling. You’ll see how quickly they’ll get back into shape.

Don’t get unnecessarily busy during the vacations. Choose a proven solution. Enjoy the water, the weather and healthy hair!

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