What is the best water to wash my hair with?

Many people can’t imagine bathing in cold water. A cold shower? No way!
And have you heard that low-temperature water helps increase shine and moisturize strands?
So catcalling yourself and giving up pleasant warm baths?
In today’s blog, we will try to take a closer look at this issue.


The beneficial properties of cold water have been appreciated for generations. It hardens, boosts immunity, firms the skin and, according to some sources – also improves the condition of hair. Not everyone likes this type of attraction, and not everyone can be persuaded to take alternating showers, not to mention pouring over the head.
Many users believe that a final rinse with cold water makes strands more moisturized and shiny. All because cold water closes the hair’s scales, trapping moisture.
According to Magmari, however, this is a very individual issue and does not necessarily work for everyone.

As a general rule, the optimal temperature for rinsing hair is 36.6 °C. Warmer water stimulates the sebaceous glands, and this is a simple way to make hair oily. In contrast, water corresponding to our body heat will gently cleanse the hair without subjecting it to temperature shock. At least 3-4 minutes should be spent on rinsing. Rinse the hair thoroughly until you are sure that all the residue from the shampoo or conditioner has been removed.


As experts in beautiful and well-groomed hair, we rely on tried-and-true hair care methods. So we offer a brief beauty hint that in our tests brought the best results. A satisfied test group, i.e. our customers, is our best gauge 😉.

  • Peeling

One of our favorite cosmetics, the hair and scalp scrub. Peludo is an excellent composition. Vitamin grapefruit extract, refreshing menthol and, of course, walnut powder. Its particles perfectly cleanse the scalp, oxygenate, soothe and purify. When used regularly, it helps get rid of dandruff. This is an excellent starting base for simple and effective hair care. Gently massage your head, rinse with lukewarm water (36.6 °C) and shampoo your hair.

  • Shampoo

Choose one that is created for thorough cleansing, such as in hair salons. You’ll be sure that all unnecessary ingredients, such as residue from styling products, have been removed. The shampoo will gently nourish your hair and make it more manageable. The thick lather enveloping your hair and the delicate fragrance will make your hair care routine even more enjoyable.
Rinse out your hair and style as you like. And if you need nourishment, choose an elixir that our users have come to love.

  • Mask and Elixir

Very nourishing, beautifully scented, very efficient and very effective. Accanto and Orygeness – our hit nourishing products.
Accanto mask, thanks to perfectly selected ingredients, provitamins, oils and keratin, closes the hair cuticle, making them smoother and more beautiful. It rinses out well.
Remember to use a gentle stream of lukewarm water and rinse until you’re sure you’ve gotten rid of any cosmetic residue.

Finally, apply a portion of Orygeness Elixir. On dry or wet hair, or as a finishing touch to highlight your hairstyle. No rinsing 🙂

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