What’s in it for dad?

Is it appropriate for a guy to gift cosmetics? But of course!
An affectionate gift for the man closest to your heart – i.e. for DAD!
See what the hair care specialists, the Magmari team, recommend.


Men’s hair requires equally attentive care. Men take care of themselves at any age and know that the choice of even such a mundane thing as shampoo can make a huge difference. They are also increasingly willing to reach for hair styling products. They are most likely to choose those that are non-intrusive fixatives, leave no white residue and have a universal scent.
Here are a few hints that are sure to make the gift decision easier, to suit the taste of each recipient.


It doesn’t matter if the hair on your head has turned gray, if your hair is slowly turning curly, or if your hair still holds its business. It is known that hair washed with the right shampoo will stay in good condition longer. That’s exactly what Optimum from Magmari is. Perfectly composed, delicately scented, full of nourishing ingredients. After washing with Optimum shampoo, hair does not frizz and does not electrify. They are more manageable and easy to style.
So to get the right shape, it’s a good idea to use something that will fix the hairstyle while taking care of the natural look of the hair.
In Magmari we have specialists for this.

Lightly lifting at the roots, Fashion Up powder is a real expert in hair styling. It is easy to apply, easy to comb out, fixes the hairstyle for hours and does not leave unsightly marks.

And if you want a little more care – bet on Orygeness elixir. This nourishing multi cream can be used equally on dry and wet hair. It gives shape, shines and moisturizes, does not clump or weigh it down. So many advantages of use and always a perfect result. Such is Orygeness. A nurturing discovery of Magmari specialists. And most importantly, it is also suitable for moustache and beard styling.

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