How to take care of colored hair?

Surely more than once it happened to you that after coloring at home your hair became dry, grayish, frizzy and brittle. To avoid such unpleasant surprises, bet on a set of proven cosmetics. A good scrub, mask and protective mists will eliminate any imperfections. The right products provide a level of care like at the best hair salon.
See which Magmari cosmetics will best “take care” of hair after coloring.


Peludo – care scrub. Before coloring, it perfectly cleanses the hair and scalp of residues from previously used cosmetics. It also has an anti-dandruff effect. It stimulates hair roots thanks to the use of refreshing menthol. Massage the scalp with the scrub, rinse and use the shampoo. The hair will remain soft to the touch and will not frizz, even more so if….


… After washing you apply the best mask. Accanto is a favorite mask of Magmari clients. Its effectiveness has been proven more than once. It can be used expressly – after washing your head, apply for about 3 minutes and rinse. In expanded form, after applying the mask to washed hair, wrap the head with a towel and leave the compress for 20 minutes. You can additionally heat the towel with a hair dryer. Then rinse the mask with not too hot water and proceed with further care. After such treatment, even the most damaged hair stops frizzing, regaining vitality and shine.


The perfect complement to daily styling, which simultaneously protects the hair and makes it easier to style, will be lightweight mists. At Magmari, we have up to three excellent solutions to offer.

Scudo heat protection spray is perfect for drying, curling or straightening your hair. With it you can feel safe. Your hair will be smooth and moisturized. Forget about broken ends.

Stillo Mist, thanks to the richness of keratin, rebuilds damaged hair structure. It masters unruly strands and helps achieve the desired hairstyle shape. In addition, it leaves an intriguing and long-lasting fragrance on the hair.

Fashion Volumine Lotion – use it if you want to give your hair more volume. It doesn’t make your hair greasy, doesn’t make it sticky and leaves no residue. Your hairstyle will remain lush and healthy looking.

Any style will succeed with Magmari, and color-treated hair remains in perfect shape!

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