Be good to your hair!

In our daily rush, we often lack time to devote to hair care. This year’s late spring is clearly gaining momentum, and therefore the timing is perfect to take a look at the condition of our hair.
You have probably noticed a slight weakness in yourselves, caused by the wearing of hats, the post-winter lack of vitamins and micronutrients and the general spring solstice.
The weather during the upcoming May holiday may not spoil us. Therefore, let’s give ourselves a little pleasure and take time for ourselves and our heads.


Make sure that the cosmetics you use have moisturizing ingredients in them. The shampoo we use most often for hair care is the best base for hair health. The formulation should include substances such as hyaluronic acid, allantolin, urea, aloe vera gel, d-panthenol, glycerin or lactic acid. (You can find many of these in Magmari products). Effective hydration is a lifesaver for the most damaged hair.


Emollients are a group of dermatological cosmetics that contain moisturizing, lubricating, smoothing or water-binding ingredients. They are often used in the care of sensitive skin of children. Their beneficial effects are also excellent for hair and scalp care. Good quality cosmetics contain esters, triglycerides, fatty acids, hyaluronic acid, glycerol and others. They help maintain the balance of the skin, coat the hair, smooth its scales, prevent splitting and breakage, and restore shine. Masks, oils or hair sprays containing the right compositions of emollients are another important point on the road to regeneration.


Once you’ve moisturized and nourished your hair, don’t forget the final protective layer.

Elixir, lotion or spray – these are products that protect hair from harmful external factors and prevent excessive drying. If you often use a hair dryer or straightener, choose a product that has thermo-protective properties. Such products will help gently fix the hairstyle, smooth the ends and further strengthen the strands.


Finally, it is worth remembering that the condition of the hair is also affected by factors such as the hair dryer you use, a gentle straightener or a brush, which with each combing will further massage the scalp and agitate the roots.
Hair care does not have to be time-consuming. All you have to do is choose the right products. In the Magmari store you will find a solution for every problem. Trust our experts and see what we have for Shadow!

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