Short cut – how to properly take care of short hair?

In today’s installment of the Magmari blog, we explore the topic of short hair care. Every owner of such a hairstyle knows well that good styling sometimes requires a lot of work. Read our guide and become a quick styling expert.

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Daily scalp massage stimulates microcirculation. It strengthens the roots, and the hair becomes less prone to fall out. You can use a brush for the massage or do it with your hands. It is important to start from the forehead and gently massage the skin towards the occipital and temples. Massage can be done before or after washing. Try not to apply too much pressure. If you do it by hand – gently apply pressure to the skin with your fingertips. At this stage, it’s good to use a hair rub, which will quickly penetrate deep into the hair and have a nourishing effect.

After the massage, perform a scrub. Peludo from Magmari will work perfectly here. Gentle walnut particles and grapefruit extract exfoliate the skin, have an anti-dandruff effect, deep cleanse and moisturize the scalp. Before you rinse out the scrub, still wrap your head in a towel and wait 20 minutes. The nourishing ingredients of the cosmetic, will have more time to work in the right way.


Shampoo matters. It’s best to choose one that has a cleansing effect and doesn’t weigh hair down with too many smoothing ingredients. In this case, Optimum shampoo is a natural choice. It was created to meet the needs of hair salons as a strongly foaming product that prepares hair for further treatments. The special foamy formula cleanses the hair. They become light and visibly more manageable. They do not frizz and comb easily.

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